London elections: results round-up

by Natalie Vincent Fri 25th May 2018, 11:21 am

Labour and Conservative London councils across 32 authorities saw little change in the 2018 local elections, which took place on 3 May, but with significant wins for Liberal Democrats.

Labour holds Barking and Dagenham
Barking and Dagenham Council has maintained its Labour majority in its second clean sweep in as many elections, with all 51 seats up for election. The vote marked a family affair, with council leader Darren Rodwell’s daughter, Emily Rodwell, winning her first council seat in the Eastbury Ward.

Barnet sees Conservative gain from no overall control
One of Labour's target boroughs, the Tories lost their majority of one a few weeks ago when a de-selected councillor became an Independent candidate, placing the council under No Overall Control.

Conservatives hold Bexley 
Due to borough boundary changes, seats were cut from 67 to 43; despite this, the Tories maintain their majority.

Brent stays red
Labour increased its already large majority from 53 to 57.

UKIP losses in Bromley
Conservatives have held onto the council with UKIP losing the two seats it held.

Camden remains under Labour control
Labour maintained its hold on the borough, increasing its majority by four seats.

Labour holds Croydon
A 38% voter turnout resulted in Labour slightly increasing its majority with one new seat.

Ealing held by Labour
Labour party retained control over Ealing Council after winning a majority of seats, with a total of 69 candidates elected to the council with three councillors representing each of the borough's 23 wards.

Labour holds Enfield
In Enfield, Labour maintained its control of the council, marginally increasing its majority from 17 to 19 councillors. The Conservatives lost five seats.

Greenwich stays red 
Labour declared a hold with its majority increasing from 33 to 35.

Hackney sees increased Green success
Phil Glanville continues as Labour mayor with 64% of the vote and increased majority, with the Green Party beating the Conservatives to second place. 

Hammersmith and Fulham led by Labour
The red vote continues to increase in this borough with nine more Labour seats, with Conservatives losing nine.

Haringey remains under Labour
Labour lost six seats to the Liberal Democrats, but maintained a healthy majority.

Labour hold for Harrow
Harrow Council saw a slightly increased majority for Labour with two new seats.

No overall control for Havering
Havering Council remains under no overall control, despite the Conservatives now having 25 seats and Labour with five. This is due to various residential groups and independent candidates holding 24 of the council's overall 54 seats.

Conservatives holds Hillingdon
In Hillingdon, the Conservatives marginally increased its council majority from 42 seats to 44, despite being identified by Labour as a key battleground. All 65 seats were up for election, with 33 required to control the authority.

Hounslow expected to keep Labour hold
Despite a slowly progressing count but there is nothing to indicate that Labour won't continue to enjoy a sizeable majority.

Islington stays red
The status quo remains with one Green in opposition preventing a Labour clean sweep of the council.

Kensington and Chelsea remain blue
Despite predictions of a Labour takeover following the Grenfell disaster, the Conservatives maintain a healthy majority, having lost just one seat.

Kingston taken by Lib Dems
Liberal Democrats have gained control of the council, with a healthy majority at the expense of the Conservatives.

Labour hold for Lambeth
Labour won enough seats to retain control of Lambeth Council, with Gipsy Hill ward going to the Green Party.

Labour landslide in Lewisham
Labour now have a complete hold over the borough, winning every single seat, unseating the sole Green councillor. Damien Egan wins victory in the Mayoral election for Labour

Merton remains under Labour
Labour has held Merton Council, increasing its majority from 12 to 16. The party now holds 34 of the council’s 60 seats, with the Liberal Democrats gaining five more seats to make six.

Clean Labour sweep in Newham
A win for new mayor Rokhsana Fiaz, who succeeds the long-serving Sir Robin Wales, with all 60 councillors remaining red.

Red hold for Redbridge
Labour significantly increased its majority with the Conservatives losing 12 seats and the Lib Dems losing all of the three seats it held.

Lib Dems take Richmond upon Thames 
Liberal Democrats have taken over the council, now holding 39 of the 54 seats on the council with the Green Party holding 4 seats as a result of its electoral pact.

Sutton remains for Lib Dems
Liberal Democrats remain in control with 33 of the council’s 54 seats despite losing 12.

Tower Hamlets stays red
Labour’s John Biggs remains mayor having acheived 65% of the vote after voters’ second preferences were taken into account.

Southwark held by Labour
In Southwark, Labour has maintained its majority, holding 49 of the 63 seats on the council, with the Liberal Democrats falling from 13 seats to 11. The ward of London Bridge and West Bermondsey’s election was postponed, following the death of candidate Toby Eckersley, a former Conservative councillor, last weekend. The ward’s election will now take place within the next 33 days.

Labour increases Waltham Forest majority
In Waltham Forest, Labour has held control, taking three extra seats of all 60 up for election, compared to 2014; this was the first election fought by Clare Coghill as council leader.

Wandsworth remains Tory
Despite a concerted effort by Labour,  Conservatives remain in charge, albeit with a fall of 39 seats to 33 out of the 60-seat council

Tories keep Westminster
Four seats changed hands from Conservatives to Labour, giving the Conservatives 41 of the 60 seats on the council. 


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