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Councils encouraged to sweat billions from assets

Local authorities could make more than £50 billion over the next decade by using their assets to create income streams, according to a new report.

Government extends replacement consent timescale

London developers with unimplemented planning permissions are being given an extra year to apply for replacement consents.

Wandsworth sites added to Sitematch London

The London Borough of Wandsworth has added four new sites to its portfolio of Sitematch London development opportunities.

Bodies set to provide pre-application advice

Three environmental bodies which are statutory consultees on different types of planning application have signalled their intention to get involved in pre-application discussions with developers.

Take part in the Sitematch London survey

Can we do more to help councils market surplus assets or increase developers' awareness of opporutnities? Let us know via the (very quick) Sitematch London survey.

Environment Agency teams up with Sitematch London

The Environment Agency has teamed up with Sitematch London to provide its assessment of opportunity sites included in our directory.

Sitematch London set to enhance borough profiles

Sitematch London is to provide enhanced profiles of participating boroughs and public sector agencies.

Government announces regeneration package

Legislation to underwrite borrowing for infrastructure and private sector rented housing, plus a new “shop window” for public sector surplus land, are included in a package of measures announced to boost economic development.

London councils warning over Montague proposals

Any plans to remove planning obligations from developers to encourage private sector rented housing must ensure necessary infrastructure, according to London local authorities.

Unit 'needs more clout' to speed surplus land release

The Government Property Unit’s plans to create a centralised property department within Whitehall was scuppered partly through resistance from the Treasury, according to a new investigation.

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