How long do meetings last?
Each meeting lasts for 15 minutes, with a five-minute break in between meetings.

Can I discuss sites and/or opportunities that are not on the Sitematch UK website?
Definitely. You are more than welcome to discuss any topic relating to development or regeneration at a Sitematch event.

I already have strong relationships with the public sector, so why do I need to go to Sitematch UK?
Sitematch UK will give you an opportunity to meet with a number of landowners in a single day. It is a chance for you to meet with senior officials with whom you may not have a strong relationship, but also to strengthen existing relationships, perhaps in areas where you hope to do business in the future.

Aren’t all these sites in the public realm already?
Most but not all, and the website site profiles usually offer useful additional information. But the real benefit of Sitematch UK is providing you with an opportunity to discuss these and other sites and policies in an informal setting, and in helping you develop a relationship with the landowner.

Why meet government departments when any procurement would have to go through OJEU anyway?
It is true that public sector bodies almost always have to go through OJEU to dispose of sites, but having a Sitematch UK meeting (and follow-up discussions afterwards) should help you understand what the landowner is trying to achieve and help you build a successful bid.

I have to have a pre-application planning meeting with the planning authority anyway – why have another meeting with the landowner at Sitematch?
Pre-application meetings with councils can be expensive. Talking to the landowner before that meeting takes place ensures that pre-application meeting money is well spent. Other Sitematch events, such as Sitematch London, allow developers to arrange initial meetings with council planners before pre-application meetings take place.

Is Sitematch UK open to companies from outside London?
Different Sitematch events focus on opportunity sites in different areas (Sitematch London, Sitematch Scotland), but developers from all over the country – and beyond – are welcome to attend all of these events. Sitematch UK brings the landholders of sites across the UK together into one room at one time for your convenience; and Sitematch London is an excellent way to introduce your company to the thriving London market and its key decision makers, whether you are from elsewhere in the UK or overseas.

What is a Sitematch UK advisor?
Sitematch UK is free to the public sector thanks to its sponsors. Sponsors act as advisors to Sitematch delegates, helping to ensure that delegates are well-prepared for the meetings and sometimes providing a “translation service” during meetings. These roles exist only in relation to Sitematch UK and do not supersede advice and advisors contracted by public sector bodies outside of Sitematch.

Who attends Sitematch UK?
Government departments and their agencies (property and estates directors). Housebuilders and registered providers, major retailers (especially large grocery operators), leisure operators (gyms and operators of football pitches, hotels and casinos) and mixed-use and office developers.

Is Sitematch only for small companies?
Sitematch UK is ideal for smaller and medium-sized developers, as it provides access to a large number of opportunities and contacts in one room in one day. But all the major national housebuilders also regularly attend Sitematch events, along with big developers and investors such as Bouygues UK, Lend Lease, Hammerson, Henderson Global Investors and Aviva.

Who created Sitematch UK?
The Sitematch concept was created by the publishing and events company 3Fox International Limited, working with Ealing Council and the Mayor of London.